We have put together some questions and answers to try to give you a little information about our services and our industry. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

What is Decorative Concrete?

As the name implies it's basically the coating or changing of the surface of new or existing concrete surfaces in all of their forms. Different materials and tools are used for many different applications and the installers often find themselves being part artisan and part tradesman. 

Different mediums are used for different needs and wants our cementitious applications are a mix of Portland cements, different aggregates and proprietary hybrid polymer resins. Adding these ingredients together greatly increases the performance of the mix making it stronger and more flexible than conventional mixes. Unlike conventional concrete mixes decorative concrete can be applied as thin as a grain of sand and upwards of 5 inches thick with the addition of aggregates without the worries of delamination or failure.
 Resinous floors such as epoxy, urethanes and acrylics are used as well. We further enhance the look with different additives such as quartz stone, vinyl chips and metallic pigments.

How long has it been around?
Overlay materials have been around about 40 years now, resinous floors even longer. Originally they were used as a thin surface restoration material for damaged concrete. After years of successful applications architects in the 80's starting specifying them more due to their pleasing aesthetics and durability as well as the wide range of applications.

What are some of the benefits of Decorative Concrete?
Affordable and unique in the fact you get to choose your colors and design as well as easy maintenance, sustainable, beautiful, durable, seamless and long lasting.

Is it expensive?
​Decorative Concrete overlays can be very affordable especially when compared to other flooring and wall coverings. They can have the look of stone, tile or whatever you want often at a fraction of the price of the real thing with the added benefit of being able to have unlimited design options the possibilities are endless.  The true value comes in its longevity.

Is it slippery or cold?
The floor is no more slippery than any typical wood, laminate, ceramic, VCT or stone when wet. However, we can add anti slip aggregate to smooth surfaces or just create a surface with a texture that will reduce the slip factor. We also provide a final sealer that has a great slip resistant factor built in to it.

Our coatings carry similar temperature conduction as ceramic tiles or wood floors. If the earth beneath your floor is cold then your floor is going to be cold whether it’s carpet tile or concrete unless you add a heat element.

Is it resistant to stains, salt, oils chemicals, etc.?
Yes it is resistant to damage form salt, petrochemicals (like oil); UV rays, harsh weather conditions (like snow and rain) and even cars and trucks.  We have sealers for all types of floors depending on the conditions and usage we can always find a sealer that will suit your needs.

Is it only grey floors?
NO! We have endless possibilities when it comes to design and color options. You can use your imagination and inner interior designer to create the floor of your dreams.  We also assist in design should you need it.

Where do people use Decorative Concrete?
Lobbies and foyers, churches, restaurants, retail stores, healthcare facilities, stadiums, schools warehouses, interior and exterior. Basically anywhere you like a cost effective, unique and durable finish.  If you are not sure do not hesitate to call.

How do I go about a price for my project?
If you feel that you are truly interested in using our company and one of our systems then we ask that you either call us or use the form on the "contact us" page. We will then be in touch to discuss your project and set a date to do a walk through.  

How long does it take to do?
Some applications can be done in a day while others may take longer. Size,  design, drying time and several other factors all play a role in the jobs timing. We will always let you know what we have planned for the day and how it will affect you.

Are the floors guaranteed?
Some are, we offer different warranties for different applications, they will be discussed when we go over your project needs.

I've never used it before how will I know my choices?
There are so many choices! When we discuss your project needs and wants we will ask you a series of questions that will give you the answer your looking for, once that's done we will show you some visuals and samples and work our way from there. For those of you who know what you want pictures and web links are often the easiest way to show us your vision.

What can it go on top of?
New and old concrete, wood, ceramic tiles, VCT tiles, quarry stone, sheet rock and even counter tops and cabinets. The only limiting factor to the above substrates would be there soundness, in other words if you have a failing floor or something that breaks the necessary bond  we won’t go over it. In that case we would remove them and get to a strong and sound substrate. Have no fear where there’s a will there’s a way!

I need other work done.  When should I have my floors done?
We will help you with scheduling as much as we can. Usually we would want to be one of the last trades in. Having the floor finished can slow down other trades who would have to take the time to cover and clean up every day. We feel it’s best to get most of your heavy work done then perhaps leave just a final coat of paint for the walls the hanging of the doors and installation of the base moldings. Each project holds its own time table and we will do our best to work with all involved.

Will this be messy?
This is construction so there could be dust and  noise, it really depends on the application . We will always protect the surrounding areas when needed and let you know a detailed plan on how we will be completing the project with times and procedures all mapped out.

Will there be bad odors while the work is being done?
All of our products are VOC compliant with New York State and none have a very harsh odor. Some people are more sensitive to odors and chemicals then others are so we take precautions and tell you in advance when the sealers will be used if necessary.

When can I get my outside work done?
Generally we stop doing outside work from November till April. That being said there are times where the weather will cooperate and allow us to stretch those time lines. We will not install when the ambient air drops below 40 degrees or above 97 degrees.

What is the maintenance on my floor going to be?
For most interior applications maintenance is a breeze. A dust mop is good for daily cleaning and a swifter type damp cloth is perfect for spill clean ups or general cleaning. Please do not use any harsh chemicals or scouring pads as they can eventually harm the surface.​

Exterior cleaning usually is done with a garden hose and possibly a stiff bristle broom should you get a stain.  You will be given a maintenance instructional sheet when your project is completed.

Does ACDC provide maintenance?  
Yes we do.  We offer different plans for different applications.  We also offer preventative maintenance and care for your existing concrete, stone, pavers and stucco. **All these programs incur a charge**

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