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You will have several choices to make when it comes to designing your project. For each of you some quality or concern will be different then the next. Some love gloss and others matte, some want smooth and others want texture, some need theirs to be extremely durable while for others aesthetics is more important.

The good news is there are many systems to choose from. We have several systems we prefer to use as they all posses the 4 qualities everyone wants in a floor; durability, cost effectiveness, ease of maintenance and of course aesthetically pleasing.

Under each description you will find a few photos of the applications 


Polished Concrete:

Rapidly gaining as the most sought after flooring polished concrete has all the attributes you want in a floor. Please see our polished concrete page for more info.

Chip and Quartz:
These systems incorporate Quartz Stones or Vinyl Chips broadcast into a application specific coating. Great in any setting. they are extremely durable as well as decorative. We have a limitless variety of design and color options best of all their wax free.These floors are beautiful enough for a palace yet strong enough for a parking lot!

Durable and long lasting, easy to maintain and beautiful.  Our epoxy installations will give you a cost effective floor to enjoy for years to come.  When we add metallic into the epoxy the look becomes breathtaking and far from your typical floor. 

Spray Textures:
A cost effective way to protect against slip and falls around the pool deck, stairs and walkways. Polymer modified  concrete spray textures have a limitless palette of color options along with a slip resistant texture which make them attractive as well as protective in any setting. 

Concrete Resurfacing:
For Interior and Exterior - this is the most basic of our applications. As the name suggest this is a resurfacer that will renew worn and damaged concrete. It is often an inexpensive and quick alternative to ripping out the old and pouring new.

Custom Stencils and Trowels:
We can give you the look of stone, tile or just about anything you would like by using stencils and custom designs. These systems are topped with hand troweled finishes unique to each and every floor. They are used in Interior and Exterior applications. They will stand up to all weather conditions as well as vehicular traffic.

Self-Level Concrete:
This product is used over surfaces that require a perfectly smooth finish in minimal time.  They are often used as a  underlayment for all different types of flooring, including our decorative concrete overlays. We have perfected a technique with this product that our clients absolutely love!

Acid, soy and water based stains give you a subtle, warm look with rich earth tones and a mottled finish.  Reactive stains can be a simple yet beautiful treatment for new or old concrete.  Costing less than most other flooring systems and much more unique. Our soy and water based stains and dyes are the greenest products in the flooring industry. These stains much like wood stains become a part of the concrete insuring that they will never peel or fade


Yes these systems are all amazingly strong but like anything else they will need maintenance. All applications are finished with a sealer that is picked just for your usage so you get the most out of your floor. Maintenance can be done by you or we can take it over if you prefer. When we do the maintenance we offer a discount on any future seal coats you get.

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